“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”

– Althea Gibson

Frequently Asked Questions about Groups 


What’s the purpose of an Interactive Process Group?

Interactive Process Groups help people develop the skills which enable them to create and sustain mutually satisfying relationships. Members come because they recognize that they have developed patterns of thinking, feeling and/or behaving that leave them unsatisfied in their relationships; in group they work on changing those patterns. Most members stay at least a year, and many find the experience so rewarding that they stay far longer.

What’s makes an Interactive Process Group different from other groups?

Process groups are like a learning laboratory where people experiment with new levels of openness, candor, and vulnerability in a controlled setting. Over time, members of these groups develop emotional and relational skills that they carry with them into every area of life outside group, from the personal to the professional. And while process groups often have very therapeutic effects, they are not “therapy groups.” In therapy groups, members are discouraged from having outside contact with one another. In process groups, members are free to associate with one another outside group in whatever ways they choose. 

How does the group work? What actually happens in a group session?

To get a sense of how group works, what happens in group sessions, what’s expected of members, and what’s expected of the leader, please have a look at Preparing for a Process Group and Getting the Most out of Interactive Process Groups. These brochures give a good sense of what happens in group.

Can I try the group for a few weeks before I commit to it?

Because consistency of membership and regularity of attendance are very important in an Interactive Process Group, members aren’t allowed to “drop in and try the group out” on a trial basis. Therefore, before deciding whether or not to join, it’s important that we talk and help you understand what an Interactive Process Group is and how it works. You may get an initial feel for it by reading Preparing for a Process Group, and Getting the Most out of Interactive Process Groups. Feel free to be in touch, and to ask whatever questions you have.

How do I join?

Contact me by email (ARoberts@archieroberts.net) or phone (401 – 709 – 4295) to express your interest. If I have space available in a group that might be suitable for you, I’ll ask you to fill out this Process Group Application, and we’ll schedule an initial interview.

During that interview, we’ll talk about what you want to work on in group, I’ll also ask about your personal history, explain how group works, and share my thoughts about whether group might be helpful for you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about process groups and about me, too – so that you can get your own sense of whether group would be a good match for your needs.

If we both feel that group would be a good fit for you, then we’ll schedule a second interview to go into greater depth. After the second interview, I’ll give you a start date. Since I always give my groups advanced notice before a new member joins, the amount of time between your second interview and your start date will vary.